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One Dove Chocolate



Conversation Regarding One Dove Chocolate

Setting:  Reading table in Ms. Foster’s Classroom

(Dove chocolate sits quietly beside pencil cup.  Teacher has forgotten about the Dove chocolate)

Teacher:  Today we are going to practice….

Child 1:  What’s that?  (points to  Dove chocolate)

Child 2:  Is that chocolate?  (pronounced tock-wit)

Teacher:  Yes.  We are going to practice…

Child 3:  I like chocolate!

Child 1 and Child 2:  Me too!  I like chocolate!

Teacher:  (moves chocolate)  Yes, I know.  Ok.  We are going to practice….

Child 1:  Can I have it?

Teacher: No.  I only have one.  That wouldn’t be fair.  Look at this letter……

Child 2:  Where did you get it?

Teacher: My friend gave it to me at lunchtime.

Child 2:  What are you going to do with it?

Teacher:  I’m going to eat it later.  Let’s get started on…..

Child 1:  Can I have it?

Teacher:  I already explained why you can’t have it.

Child 3:  I like chocolate.

Child 1:  Can I have it?

Teacher:  No!

Child 1:  Are you going to eat it?

Teacher:  I’ll eat it later.

Child 2:  ( hands folded, sweet angelic look on her face)

I can help you eat that!

Teacher:  (puts chocolate in trash can, continues lesson)