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“Sunshine Notes” Freebie

I use these “Sunshine Notes” as a way to provide positive feedback to parents about their child.  Many years ago a paper company donated boxes of bright yellow paper to my school and that is what inspired me to use the “sunshine” theme.  I have continued to print the notes on yellow paper for the past 20 years.

tn_sunshine note

They are quick and easy to use.  I print a stack of them ahead of time and clip them to a small clipboard along with a list of my students’ names.  When I catch someone doing something good; I write a quick note, drop it in the folder box to go home and check off their name on the list.  That is how I make sure I don’t inadvertently skip someone.  It only takes a moment and it increases the positive communication with parents.

Click below to download a free printable template for my Sunshine Notes.  Enjoy!

sunshine note


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